Photo: Vin Romero

Cloakroom unleash the tense sludge-gaze treat “Fear of Being Fixed”

With their new album Dissolution Wave arriving at the end of this month, Cloakroom have followed up recent single “Lost Meaning” by unveiling a final teaser single called “Fear Of Being Fixed”.

That strange, unknowable fear hinted at by the title “Fear Of Being Fixed” is fully realised in the sonics of the song. A sludgey battle through tense guitars and electrifying atmospherics, it feels like a doomed journey deep into the treacherous waters of the self. Dissolution Wave has a loose concept of being written from the perspective of an asteroid miner, and the extent of the self-questioning and loneliness is made all the more tangible through the blasting and receding sonics of “Fear Of Being Fixed”. It feels simultaneously like floating in anti-gravity and being buffeted by waves of uncompromising angst.

Watch the video for “Fear Of Being Fixed” below, or find it on streaming platforms.

Cloakroom’s new album Dissolution Wave arrives on January 28 through Relapse (pre-order/save). You can find the band on Bandcamp, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.