Photo: Michelle Grance Hunder

Imogen Clark is instantly iconic on “Big One”

In my opinion, the two best albums of 2024 so far are Maggie Rogers’ Don’t Forget Me and the brand-new one from Australian artist Imogen Clark: The Art Of Getting Through. One of the many highlights of Imogen’s LP is “Big One” – a rousing rock anthem that’s also personally revealing.

“Big One” has a timeless and iconic feel that will remind you of Chrissie Hynde, Liz Phair and Taylor Swift at their best. And the album cover is a classic, too. It looks like something the Hipgnosis designers would have dreamed up back in the days when cover art was vital to an album’s success.

I wanted ‘Big One’ to be intimate and vulnerable but massive, as big sounding as the feelings I was writing about,” says Imogen. “I wrote it with Sam Phay in Melbourne, and I came in with the idea that had been growing in my mind, this hunger to be the big one in somebody’s life, the love that stays in their heart even if the relationship doesn’t last.”

Clark enlisted an all-star crew to record the 13-track album, including engineer Ross Hogarth (Miley Cyrus), bassist Gus Seyffert (Adele) and Dawes drummer Griffin Goldsmith. They recorded all over the world, including Abbey Road Studios in London and EastWest Studios in LA (where the Beach Boys’ recorded Pet Sounds).

Eleven years ago, a New Zealander named Lorde took the world by surprise – and now it’s Imogen’s turn to conquer the pop world.

Watch the video for “Big One” below, and hear the entire album The Art Of Getting Through on the streaming services.

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