Photo: Michelle Grace Hunder

Aussie rocker Imogen Clark takes no prisoners on “Compensating”

West Sydney artist Imogen Clark can hold her own with the greatest female rock singers
of all time: Chrissie Hynde, Sheryl Crow, Liz Phair, et al. Her new single “Compensating” is actually a continuation of her breakup song “Nonchalant”, which came out earlier this year. The first single conveyed the hurt. The new one is all about payback.

“This is part two of my last single ‘Nonchalant,’ about the same guy,” Clark says. “I got mad, now I’m getting even. When I got with Xavier Dunn to write this song, I wanted to take my heartbreak and make it something fun and cathartic, something that would make me feel powerful when I’m singing it and all the single girlies can listen to all summer by the pool with some margaritas in hand.”

Yes, don’t forget that summer starts in December in Australia. You could teach a university course in songwriting just by studying “Compensating”. The pre-chorus lyrics (“I’m not waving, I’m drowning”) build to perhaps the best Big Chorus of the year. And the bridge lyrics put the final nail in her ex’s coffin: “I’m gonna make you regret ever meeting me.”

The video’s last shot shows Imogen in heart-shaped shades, looking a lot like ’60s Sophia Loren telling Marcello Mastroianni to kiss off. This song is cool, clever and absolutely impossible to get out of your head. Listen to “Compensating” below or find it on streaming services.

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