Photo: Michelle Grace Hunder

Imogen Clark is dazzling and defiant on “All Hard Feelings”

Imogen Clark is an Australian artist who stamped her passport to the US and UK to create the new single “All Hard Feelings”. The song was recorded with members of Elvis Costello’s band – and it’s the best banger I’ve heard in ages.

“All Hard Feelings” has every ingredient needed for a hit record: the initial guitar hook that snakes through the entire song, great vocals, relatable lyrics, and a fabulous pre-chorus that stairsteps to a huge chorus.

This is one of those songs that could climb both the rock and country charts, in my opinion. An artist like Carrie Underwood (who’s actually quite a rocker) could cover it nicely.

Imogen skillfully shows us that the small hurts in a relationship can coagulate into hard feelings that never go away. “It’s a really fun tune that also lets me burn off some of that bitter energy in a cathartic way,” says Clark.

The single is a foretaste of her upcoming album, The Art of Getting Through, due on May 31 (pre-save).

Watch the live video for “All Hard Feelings” below, or find the studio version on your favorite streamer.

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