Photo: Michelle Grance Hunder

Imogen Clark leaves Sydney in style on “If I Want In”

The sensational Australian alt-rocker Imogen Clark has a textbook-perfect new single called “If I Want In” that chronicles her career wanderlust.

Even though many pop stars hail from Sydney (AC/DC, Keith Urban to name a couple), Clark has long felt the urge to roam. “I always dreamed of running away into the big wide world: the London of The Jam, the California of Joni Mitchell, the New Jersey of Bruce Springsteen. This song is about knowing my hometown made me who I am, but it made me a person who had to leave it to realise her dreams.”

Imogen has already wowed fans in L.A. and Nashville, and recently recorded at London’s famed Abbey Road Studios. She’s stamping her passport to stardom, and is planning to move to the U.S. to turbo-charge the next chapter in her career.

Clark’s new single has my favorite line of 2023: “Everyone I know is either married or in rehab, I couldn’t say which one is worse.”

Listen to “If I Want In” below, or find it on the streamers.

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