Photo: Dani Monteiro

IDER are unravelled by their infatuation on the powerfully vulnerable “obsessed”

It’s just a couple of weeks until art-pop duo IDER release their anticipated second album shame, but ahead of that they’ve got a new single for us called “obsessed”, which was co-written and co-produced with Kiran Kai (Jordan Rakei, Rejjie Snow, Connie Constance).

Flipping the script entirely from the confident, pissed off previous single “BORED”, “obsessed” finds IDER in a spiral of self-doubt and confusion, provoked by their infatuation with someone else. Coming out in a tumble of questions like “do you get bored of me? did i act crazy? is this a relationship?”, we get to see the duo’s vulnerability writ large in this prescient modern pop pearl. Their resonant honesty about their emotional instability is reflected back in the production, which places stately beats on top of an introspective guitar, but “obsessed” is all about the duo’s combined vocals, which are as affecting as ever, especially as they come to the chorus where they lay down the bottom line: “i’m just too scared i’m too obsessed with you.” By singing it in unison, they reinforce the fact that they’re not alone in these feelings – countless others feel the same insecurities, and everybody has a friend they can lean on in times of perilous doubt. In “obsessed”, they might be revealing their weakness, but by presenting it in a universally accessible manner, it becomes a show of strength and support.

Watch the video for “obsessed” below or listen to it on streaming platforms.

IDER’s new album shame comes out on August 6 (pre-order/save). You can find IDER on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.