Hannah Peel is releasing her new album Fir Wave at the end of March, and following from the breathtaking lead single “Emergence in Nature” comes new track “Ecovocative”. She says:

I’m finding it harder to express all those huge feelings in words and lyrics like I used to. Instrumental music can conjure so much more and with this new track, I wanted to evoke those patterns in nature, celebrate the detail, the changes in light, play with primal shimmering energy, using obscure bells and the bubbling beats of electronic music.” 

With a steadier pace than the dancefloor-ready “Emergence in Nature”, Peel imbues “Ecovocative” with gliding layers of sound that make us feel as if we are truly immersing ourselves in the graceful activity of biological life. With electronics that bubble and bells that shine and resonate, there’s so much detail to “Ecovocative” that it’s easy to imagine it soundtracking a voyage through biological matter on a cellular level. As we flow with Peel’s production, we’re seeing each minute facet of growth happening in real time, enzymes rushing busily around cells, while the larger whole blossoms in imperceptibly slow but stunning increments.

Listen to “Ecovocative” below or on streaming platforms.

Hannah Peel’s new album Fir Wave is out on March 26 through My Own Pleasure (pre-order). You can find her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.