Hachiku turns bureaucratic burden into pop delight on “Bridging Visa B”

Melbourne-based German Hachiku announced her debut album last month, and today shares another new single from it called “Bridging Visa B”. Considering the distance between her roots and her adopted home, you can be sure she’s had plenty of emigration issues, and that’s where we find her on the new track. She says:

“A Bridging Visa B is the visa that you need to apply for every time you want to leave Australia while waiting for your permanent visa application to be processed. For me it represents the whole frustration of going through the quite intrusive visa application process and all the obnoxious government officials that think they have the right to ask you about your private business.
And I am super privileged as a white person from a Western country where I actually unfairly receive a very special immigrant treatment. I can’t imagine how dehumanising this whole process must feel like being a refugee or person of colour. I’m lucky I ticked all the right boxes for them, it’s outraging to think what power they have over you when you are in a desperate position.”

The frustration and discomfort is evident in Hachiku’s muted and slightly monotone delivery on “Bridging Visa B”, but all around her is brightness and danceable indie-pop. Twanging guitars and even a little cowbell give the track a swinging momentum, while her trusty rhythm guitar and keyboard give a dreamy sheen. It’s as if she’s physically in the terminal, being harassed with unnecessary questions, but her mind – animated by the music – is already thinking ahead to being let loose in the freedom of her destination with people she loves.

For the “Bridging Visa B” video she teamed up with Mickey Manson. Watch it below.

Hachiku’s debut album I’ll Probably Be Asleep is out on November 13 via Milk! Records / Marathon Artists. You can find her on Bandcamp, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.