Hachiku announces debut album with the dreamy title track “I’ll Probably Be Asleep”

Hachiku is the moniker of bedroom-pop artist Anika Ostendorf, originally from Germany but now based in Melbourne, via a stop in London for a little while. In her newfound home she has immersed herself in a community of musicians and come to the attention of local heroes Milk! Records, who, along with Marathon Artists, are going to release her debut album I’ll Probably Be Asleep on November 13. Along with this exciting news, she has shared the album’s title track, saying:

“In essence, it is like an escapist’s testament about the wish to gain sovereignty over your thoughts. Freud’s id vs superego. The thought of wanting to be part of something but the idea of it being way more enticing than the reality. Musically I wanted it to sound like a chainsaw playing the lead melody in an organ ensemble. It’s the only song on the album that I recorded with the band and their parts really lift it from bedroom pop to stadium power rock.”

Although a bigger, full-band sound is in place, “I’ll Probably Be Asleep” still maintains the intimacy expected from Hachiku. Her soft-edged voice is fluffy amidst the warm layers of synths, and we can imagine her contemplating her position in the world from the comfort of her own bed. With gorgeous washes of guitar enclosing her, we feel she’s in a safe space, allowing her mind to drift into ideas both challenging and hopeful. Ultimately, it all comes to settle in her weary and inquisitive mind, with a little bit of angst and a lot of promise, a powerful combination that is transmitted subtly to the listener.

Hachiku’s debut album I’ll Probably Be Asleep is out on November 13 via Milk! Records / Marathon Artists. You can find her on Bandcamp, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.