Photo: Stefy Pocket

Greentea Peng suggests oneness with the bossa nova bop “Hu Man”

South London enigma Greentea Peng is back with a new track called “Hu Man” that both consolidates her position as one of the nation’s most exciting rising talents, and suggests there’s still much more to come. About the track she reveals:

Hu Man is an exploration of self and our attachment to identity, especially in this modern age. Hu Man is a war cry from the battlefield of mind, calling to the divine Mother to take this ego, take this head, to remove all these words and man made constructs and take me, take us, back to centre. Back to oneness, forward to unity. In Lak’ech Ala K’in, I am you you are me, is a Mayan saying I encountered during a Ceremony in Mexico and it’s stayed with me always. I find it very fitting for the times we find ourselves in, such shifting paradigms. Hu Man is an offering of peace and healing to the collective in these intense times, and I pray it takes people inside themselves if for only just a moment.”

Over a slinky bossa nova beat, Peng’s delivery is alluring, maintaining the tripping nature of her street-ready tracks but revealing a new poise and grace. This stylish and measured approach suits the message that “Hu Man” is sending of personal prosperity in the wake of unity with those around us. “Hu Man” gradually incorporates plenty more tropical and warm instrumentation, which serves to lift Peng’s message and presence to spiritual levels – and it’ll keep you grooving the whole time.

Listen to “Hu Man” via the Spotify embed below or on your preferred platform.

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