Photo: Bella Howard

FRYARS gives us a snapshot of domestic bliss in “Pair of Dancers”

With his new album God Melodies arriving this Friday, FRYARS has given us one final teaser in the form of “Pair of Dancers”, which is about his domestic life with wife and collaborator Rae Morris (whose vocals feature here), as well as their newborn child. He says:

“A song about great relationships having the capacity to be deeply antisocial. Rae and I singing about being in a bubble, 24/7, work sleep play … now joined by a very small third. ‘I don’t make plans with friends and when I do they fall through’.”

Amidst all the weird and wonderful songs we’ve heard from God Melodies so far, this might be the sweetest of all – but done in idiosyncratically FRYARS style from the off, as he begins with the line “I’m so wrapped up on you that the only view I’ve got is a tunnel down your pupils to the back of your skull.” But, thereafter, it gets a lot less err, gruesome? With a lilting pace and violins twirling in the air, we feel the romance of their living room, whether they’re simply sitting silently, watching TV, or as the title suggests, having a little dance. With Morris joining for the harmony on the chorus “Like a pair of dancers / dancing, coming through / we got things to do / and we don’t care about anybody else,” we get a rose-tinted view of domestic life – and it’s truly heartwarming.

This fuzzy feeling is only upped in the video which you can watch below, otherwise find “Pair of Dancers” on streaming platforms.

FRYARS’ new album God Melodies arrives this Friday, July 16, on Fiction. Make sure to follow him on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.