Photo: Mary Rozzi

Feist rides the tempestuous waves of her thoughts on “Borrow Trouble”

Feist is returning with her new album Multitudes in a month, and today she shares another taster of what’s to come in the form of new single and video “Borrow Trouble”. She says:

“Borrow Trouble caused some trouble in trying to finish the recordingIt began as a contemplative acoustic morality tale and shape shifted itself into the sound of trouble itself. It’s a mess that holds its own logic. It’s the convincing cacophony that thoughts can be. It saws away at you until your overwhelm pops an air supply in the form of another idea, a solution that starts with accepting there’s no such thing as perfection.”

Well, it’s a long way from that “contemplative acoustic morality tale” now, because “Borrow Trouble” comes flying out of the gates with surging strings ululating over a booming beat. Feist does pull back the noise for the verses, where she sings about how “thoughts will find a clock to wind / and put dissent into your ears”, but the fulsome sound comes rushing back in for the grandiose chorus. Feist’s voice rides the crest of the wave, simultaneously bemoaning the way thoughts can overpower the senses and also simply accepting their power to misguide us. It adds up to a tumultuous finale where the violins spool around into a nest of sound with a skronking sax at the centre. Regret and worry might underline “Borrow Trouble”, but Feist builds up the song into an expressive jumble of conflicting feelings that sounds like the unruly but invigorating tune of modern life.

Watch the video for “Borrow Trouble” below or find it on streamers.

Feist’s new album Multitudes arrives on April 14 through Fiction (pre-order/save). You can find her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.