Photo: Neelam Khan Vela

Drug Store Romeos hatch a “Secret Plan” on their purple new dreamer

Drug Store Romeos‘ debut album The world within our bedrooms is coming out later this month, and this week they’ve followed the delightful lead single “What’s On Your Mind” with a new one called “Secret Plan”. On the track, vocalist Sarah says:

“‘Secret Plan’ was written during the first lockdown when the only time I could write was between 2am-7am because I live with 12 very noisy people. I wanted to make a purple song so I turned off all lights apart from my colour changing bulb which I made a magenta purple. It was pitch black outside so I was totally immersed. The light guided me in the choice of tonality, and my situation and setting must have influenced the rhythm and notes. I think it turned out pretty purple.

“‘Secret Plan’ was partly inspired by the surrealist quote “bathed everyday reality in magic light”, and we wanted it to feel personal yet transportative. In my own life I try as hard as I can to see the magic in mundanity. Although it sounds cheesy, making the effort to remind yourself of the chaotic, absurd, beautiful layers of life can really help to keep things interesting.”

There’s always an air of nocturnal exploration in Drug Store Romeos’ music, and “Secret Plan” might be the finest example of it yet. It’s the sound of pulling your duvet over your head and getting lost in the infinitude of your mind – or looking out at the night sky and feeling pulled off your feet into its endless blackness. The ‘purple’ of it all comes through in the thick and bouncy low end, as well as the arpeggiating electronics that thread their way through the song. Sarah’s words are whisper-sung, as if she doesn’t want to break the night’s spell, and is inviting us to join her on this mysterious journey into the unknown night world of our minds. We’re ready to dive in.

Listen to “Secret Plan” below or on your platform of choice.

Drug Store Romeos’ debut album The world within our bedrooms arrives on June 25 via Fiction (pre-order/save). They’ve also got these dates ahead:

25 May | Oslo Hackney, London (SOLD OUT)
27 May | YES, Manchester (SOLD OUT)
29 July | SET, London (SOLD OUT)
2-5 Sep | End Of The Road Festival
25-26 Sep | Dot to Dot Festival
9 Oct | Are You Listening? Festival
13 Nov | Stag & Dagger Festival, Glasgow
14 Nov | Stag & Dagger Festival, Edinburgh
17 Nov | Scala, London

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