FKA Twigs explores the magnitude of heartbreak on “Killer”

FKA Twigs has officially released her new single “Killer”. It follows on from the elegiac performance of the song in her wonderful Tiny Desk Concert released earlier this week. On the song, Twigs says:

“When at its worst the effects of heart break can define one’s trajectory much more than the beauty of the love itself, in my song killer i explore this concept. the navigation, the hunt and the kill. the death of promises, dreams and the future that was once promised. but like the wildest plucked roses, i find myself more beautiful delicately wilted, in shadow, forced solice, darkened at the edges and achingly thirsting to be tended to again.”

As expected, the studio version of “Killer” is more beat-focused than the Tiny Desk version, which adds more emphasis to Twigs’ proclamation that she “in a crisis with a killer”. With first-hand experience of this pain, potentially multiple times, we can’t deny the ways she describes heartbreak messing up her life, from being unable to eat to questioning what to believe in. It’s one of the more straightforward pop songs she has produced, but the emotions conveyed are anything but.

Listen to “Killer” below or find it on streaming platforms.

“Killer” is out on Young. Find FKA twigs on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.