Photo: Russell Hamilton

Kamasi Washington returns with purpose on “The Garden Path”

It’s been a bit of a quiet period from the usually prolific Kamasi Washington, but the tides begin to turn today with the release of a new single “The Garden Path”. He and his band will also be playing it tonight on Fallon.

Washington says: “The world feels turned upside down. There’s so much push and pull in every direction, from everyone you meet—no one knows what to think, who to believe, or how to approach life right now. No matter how smart you are, it’s hard not to feel blind.”

With that in mind, let the elemental force and beauty of Washington and his band help open your eyes and rejoin the collective consciousness by listening to “The Garden Path”. The unity of Washington and his players is a true beam of thunderous hope in a world of grey.

You can listen to “The Garden Path” below (or on streaming platforms).

“The Garden Path” is out on Young. You can find Kamasi Washington on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.