Photo: Karl Halliday

Erasers announce new album Constant Connection, share the desolate, dreamlike title track

If Kluster or John Cale had grown up in an Australian dust bowl, who knows, they might have ended up sounding like Perth-based synth wave outfit Erasers. The band has revealed the title track of their newly announced LP Constant Connection, out April 22nd via heady imprints Fire Talk and Night School. The song leans on a skulking, bone-dry drum loop and feverish synth-layers that peer over the horizon like the first blinding sunbeams at dawn.

At the center of the song, we hear Rebecca Orchard’s voice lingering in a state between lethargy and serenity, as the video sees her and Rupert Thomas standing stationary within a quaint oceanside backdrop. Between the lines, Orchard seems to be faintly musing the conflict between living in a fairly isolated place, yet still being engaged with a hyperconnected world. “Constant Connection” never unfolds into some kind of big illuminative thought, however, but drifts away in placid stillness and surrender.

“The core of this song came together quickly over the course of a morning writing session,” the band comments. “As many good ideas do, this one seemed to gel in the space of a few minutes, the drum rhythm, bassline, and repeated synth melody sat well together immediately. While we haven’t played this one much in the live realm yet, when we have it’s been a joy to play. Often you get tired and bored of your own songs, but there’s something about this one that just sits really well with us, so it seems fitting to have named the album after it.”

Listen to “Constant Connection” below, and watch the nice video.

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