Photo: Pepi Ginsberg

Ela Minus and DJ Python harness positivity on the buoyant “Pájaros en Verano”, from their collab EP

Colombian electronic art-popper Ela Minus and Brooklyn-based producer DJ Python have teamed up for a new three-track EP called ♡ (referred to as “corazón”), which will arrive on September 16 through Domino’s new dance imprint Smugglers Way.

The pair worked by sending files back and forth with little other communication, but it seems to have worked beautifully. The first song to be shared from ♡  is “Pájaros en Verano” (“Birds in Summer”), with Minus revealing: “I made a list of things I was grateful for. Clouds (and the time to look at them), quietness, sleep, books, food. I wanted to celebrate that ‘after all the days that never happened and the nights that didn’t exist,’ we are here, alive, and together.”

Minus’ 2020 album Acts of Rebellion found her feeling isolated and going a little stir-crazy, but on “Paréjos en Verano” she has turned a page and is discovering joy in the world. It revolves around a simple list of things that she’s thankful for, while Python provides a dextrous but fluffy electronic backing that seems to illuminate all the images in the vocalist’s mind. He also provides the track with a simple but effective rhythm that aims for the hips, and Minus accentuates it by ensuring her vocal dances and wiggles perfectly atop it. It’s a simple-sounding song – and an extremely easygoing pleasure – but that’s only because the two creators have done such an accomplished job in creating it.

Watch the video for “Paréjos en Verano” below or find it on streaming platforms.

Ela Minus and DJ Python’s EP is out on September 16 through Smugglers Way (pre-order physical / digital).

You can find Ela Minus on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

DJ Python is on Twitter and Instagram.