Montreal by way of Dubai singer-songwriter Edwin Raphael has a knack for digging into deeply-set emotions. When he sings, “I went numb this year,” on his latest single, “Mild Sanity”, it’s more than relatable, likely to just about all of us trapped in 2020.

Backed by NYC pop singer-songwriter Juletta, who adds her own serene, emotive vocals to the concoction, “Mild Sanity” proves a gently addictive soundscape, all wistful energy and patient, meandering vibration. It feels something akin to a long walk through an empty field in the morning, lost in one’s thoughts.

Speaking on the song, Raphael reflects, “As with every new day, the earth revolves the same, you live things a little like yesterday, you leave a little space for the hopes of something riveting but it’s rare. But every so often you stumble upon that day where everything is nothing like you knew before. You see colors you’ve never seen before; you stare at the same ceiling but it gives you an entire cosmos today.

Check out “Mild Sanity” below, and stay tuned for more from Edwin Raphael very soon.

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