Bergen-based songwriter døssi has fast become one of our favourites in recent months with the exquisite singles “beloved sun” and “you, my everything”. Today she completes the hattrick with another stunning song called “behold”, about which she says:

“Grief is lonely; even if someone supports us or tries to comfort us, we still have to get through it on our own. The only thing that helps is usually just allowing yourself to cry. Open the channels and clear your head of thoughts. ‘behold’ is about enduring that loneliness and about wanting to be well.”

Once again, døssi really inhabits the visceral emotions behind her song – and she pulls us right in there with us. It may not sound appealing to spend some time dwelling in grief, but it can be a necessary expulsion of long-held sadness, and there is beauty in letting it go – which is perfectly captured in “behold”. It first seems to be a simple guitar-and-voice song, but døssi quietly creeps in synths, harmonic voices and chirping birds, all of which turn this isolated bubble of loneliness into a whole world of sparkling emotions that expresses the euphoria that is embedded within melancholy. “I feel it all” she repeats towards the song’s exultant end, and with døssi guiding us, we feel it all too.

“behold” is out today on GEMS. You can find døssi on Facebook and Instagram.