Bergen-based songwriter Ingrid Døssland aka døssi appeared on our radars back in December with “Beloved Sun”, which instantly captivated us. Today she breaks the wait for more from her with another stunning single called “you, my everything”. She says:

“’you, my everything’ is a reminder of everything that is still beautiful and nice, even though a lot felt heavy in an uncertain, new period. It’s a song soaring on the familiar and pink clouds you enjoy so much when you are in love. It is about a desire to get to know all aspects of another human being, and to dare to expose oneself completely. When everything is so nice and good that you suddenly have everything to lose.”

Again the instrumentation is minimal and fragile, but each element, from the spindly acoustic to the delicate backing vocals to the minute ambient elements around the fringes, is perfectly placed to make us feel as though we are floating through the loved-up “pink clouds” she mentions above. døssi’s voice is attuned to the atmosphere, and it all comes together in a perfect halo to make us truly focus on the moment, the important person in front of us: “you, my everything”. Managing to make the noise of the outside world simply disappear for a few minutes and bringing a tactile love into your consciousness, “you, my everything” once again shows that døssi possesses serious power in her musical and compositional abilities.

“you, my everything” is out today on GEMS. You can find døssi on Facebook and Instagram.