ur Monarch is the moniker of 20-year-old Norwegian newcomer Tomine Berge, who emerges today with her emphatic debut single “human garbage disposal plant (scooter)”. She introduces it by saying:

“It basically came from me thinking people weren’t treating me as good as I wanted them to treat me… I had been driving around on a scooter with a guy, until I finally realised I actually wanted to ride the scooter by myself. It sucked, but then we made a fun song about it. It goes to show that even though you’re sad, the beat doesn’t have to be!”

It may be her first released song, but ur Monarch sounds ultra cool and confident as she unfurls her bombastic personality across the chopped-up and textured production, where she proves her vocal dexterity, switching from determined flow to faux-angelic-singing with ease. “human garbage disposal plant” starts with ur Monarch complaining that she doesn’t get any thanks for the nice things she does; “you’re a ho,” she breezily dismisses a rude partner. She then takes this disappointment and turns it into a fairly dark thought: “I wish I had a human garbage disposal plant / where I could put all my friends and family / every time they’re mean to me” – but it’s sung so sweetly that you might not even realise quite how gruesome that idea is. Simply put, you just can’t ignore ur Monarch on this effervescent and characterful cut – and you’ll probably have the hilariously gross chorus stuck in your head for the rest of the weekend.

Listen to “human garbage disposal plant (scooter)” below or on your preferred platform.

“human garbage disposal plant (scooter)” is out via GEMS. With more hopefully coming soon from ur Monarch, make sure to follow her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok.