Kasia Zacharko

DJ Seinfeld shares entrancing new single “She Loves Me”

DJ Seinfeld has taken his time crafting his sophomore LP. Following 2017’s Time Spent Away from U, he’s kept busy with EPs and a DJ-Kicks installment, yet, nonetheless, the wait for a proper follow up has been a long one.

Well, that wait is nearly up. He’s set to release Mirrors come September 3rd, and he’s now shared the final single for the upcoming project. “She Loves Me” is as a deceptively layered song, built around emotive, initially playful vocals from follow Swede, Stella Explorer. With a simple repetition of “she loves me” (peppered with a few other remarks) gradually giving way to the question of, “why does she?,” the track embodies both the elation and fear that comes with a bond you never want broken. The skittering nature of Seinfeld’s sonic backdrop suits this notion perfectly.

Stella Explorer sums up this duality perfectly: “The fine line between self affirmation and paranoia is alluring to me. And in music it’s always present. It’s deceptive, and lyrics can change meaning at any time. I think the fewer words you use, the more they shift. And by combining that with different intentions like you do when you collaborate with someone (like this), it makes the outcome exciting.

Check the track out below, and look out for Mirrors come September 3rd via Ninja Tune.


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