I guess the battle of Deerhoof vs. Evil has finally come to a conclusion, because the band has announced a new album. It’s called Breakup Song, and it’s due for release on September 4th via Polyvinyl. That’s the trucktastic cover art above, and the tracklist is below. Drummer Greg Saunier calls the album “a sensational record of Cuban-flavored party-noise-energy music.” Whatever that means. The album will be available on CD, white vinyl, and limited edition cassette, and can be previewed through the band’s “Jingletron.” Simply drag a digital token into a digital coin slot, and you’ll hear three random snippets from the album. Once you’ve had your fun with that, you can pre-order the record at Polyvinyl’s web store, and check out the tracklist below:

Breakup Song:
1. Breakup Songs
2. There’s That Grin
3. Bad Kids To The Front
4. Zero Seconds Pause
5. Mothball The Fleet
6. Flower
7. To Fly Or Not To Fly
8. The Trouble With Candyhands
9. We Do Parties
10. Mario’s Flaming Whiskers III
11. Fete d’Adieu