Photo: Petros Koy

Dawn Richard invites us into her bubbling “Jacuzzi” on her futuristic dancehall single

Dawn Richard is approaching the release of her new album Second Line, which arrives at the end of April. Today she’s shared a new song and video from it called “Jacuzzi”.

Like much of Second Line, Dawn begins “Jacuzzi” by paying tribute to her heritage, with a conversation with her mother about her origins, concluding “I’m a Creole girl”. But once things start really bubbling this is all about her sheer presence and power. The production takes dancehall to a futuristic realm with bubbling electronics and glacial adornments, and the singer absolutely shimmers in this sound. Part come-on, part assertion of her untouchability, “Jacuzzi” finds Dawn in flawless form as she lets go simmering lines like “I’m tryin to blow the roof off / Trying to burn this bitch down if you want / Every time you touch me I get slicker / Trying to make the sauce stick like a sticker.” Overall, it’s irresistible, and you’ll undoubtedly want to join Dawn in the “Jacuzzi” – just be warned that it’s hot.

Find it on streaming platforms or watch the video by Zebretta “Miz.Z” Johnson below.

On the video, Dawn says:

“Welcome to “Jacuzzi.” A simulation. A V00D00 visual.

“The music visual is a digital simulation test.

“Put three Black women together at different stages in their lives:
– a mother of 1-year-old twins,
– a college student who is a fitness trainer, and
– King Creole (me).

“We learned the same choreography and through motion showcased that no matter what form the body is in, it can be sexy and beautiful.

“This visual is the celebration of body positivity, that femininity and sexuality can be in any body form. The way a mother moves will be different from how a young woman with no kids in the prime of her 20s moves. Doesn’t make her less sexy. Stretch marks, curves, blemishes, and imperfections are seen throughout the simulation. We chose to leave those unedited to showcase the beauty in the everyday woman unfiltered.”

Dawn Richard’s new album Second Line arrives on April 30 via Merge. You can find her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.