Torres lets her rage loose on “Collect”, announces new album

Mackenzie Scott aka Torres has announced her new album What an enormous room, which will be out on January 26 2024 through Merge.

She has also shared the lead single “Collect”, a bold reminder of the serrated guitars and volatile vocals she’s employed throughout her oeuvre. Scott describes the track as “the rage song I’ve been trying to write for years!”

The piece launches with a buzzy guitar, settling into a beat-heavy and grungy mix. Scott points an angry finger at lovers, music-industry types, and/or general exploiters who take more than they give. “Did I hit a nerve?” she asks midway. The grainy and DIY-style video, directed by Dani Okon and Sarah Jaffe, offers an apt complement to the song, Scott aggressively strumming her instrument, dancing with abandon, and holding both middle fingers up defiantly. With the bridge, Scott abruptly pivots into a more spacious and ambient segment, her vocals high-pitched and delicately delivered. She then plunges into the song’s conclusion, repeating “I’m here to collect” over and over, sounding more insistent and menacing with each iteration.

Watch the video for “Collect” below or find it on streamers.

Torres’ new album What an enormous room arrives on January 26 through Merge (pre-order/save). You can find her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.