Dawn Richard exerts her sexual energy on “Bubblegum”

After a diversion into a more arty realm with her collaborative album Pigments, Dawn Richard returns to the thumping bass-pop prowess of Second Line with new single “Bubblegum”. She says:

Leaning back into the Electro Revival era, I wanted to remind people that King Creole is just getting started. The preface to the second installment of the Electro Revival, ‘Bubblegum’ is a cocky candy-coated conundrum. Full of sass that only a New Orleans King can have, this yummy multi-genre single is just a taste of what’s to come.”

“Bubblegum” finds Dawn in her most sexually explicit and confident form, seizing on the dominance of the bass blasts and slick electro production and using it to her advantage. In almost-rapped verses she teases with tantalising reminders of her “bootylicious” body and smooth pussy, threatening to “take over your body like you’re possessed”. When she then tosses off the fliratious-yet-threatening promise to “pop that thing like it’s bubblegum”, all we can do is stand back in admiration at her myriad talents.

Watch the video for “Bubblegum” below or find it on streamers.

“Bubblegum” is out on Merge. You can find her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.