Photo: Alfred Thirolle

Cousin Kula luxuriate in self-contemplation on “Now That You’re Gone”, announce debut album

Bristol quintet Cousin Kula have followed up the glorious “BabyBack” with the news that they’ll release their debut album Double Dinners in November. Today they share a new single from it called “Now That You’re Gone”, with keys player Will Wells saying:

“This one started life deep into lockdown. I would set keyboards up outside Elliot’s bedroom window so we could still play together without me coming in the house. I guess the tune’s simplicity is, in some way, a reflection of the slower pace of life we’d gotten used to.”

Cousin Kula harness that slowness and ponderousness is harnessed to delicious effect on “Now That You’re Gone”. Lyrically, its a similar theme to “BabyBack”, with Elliott Ellis pining for someone he can no longer be with – “somethin’ just don’t feel right,” he muses glumly. However, “Now That You’re Gone” is not a heavy affair, Cousin Kula support his sadness with an arrangement that brings levity to it all and makes his dashes back into memory all the more vivid and tactile. At the song’s tail end, rather than descend into misery, Cousin Kula reach for the stratosphere with an ascendant guitar solo. It seems to be their pledge to not let their mood get the best of them.

Watch the video for “Now That You’re Gone” below, or find it on streaming platforms.

Cousin Kula’s debut album Double Dinners comes out on November 26 through Rhythm Section. Make sure to follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.