Photo: Phoebe Fox

Coach Party beat back their fatalistic tendencies on the blustering “Can’t Talk, Won’t”

Last we heard from Isle of Wight’s Coach Party was with their excellent quarantine cover of Clairo’s “Bags”, but today they return with a blistering new single to add to their productive year. The new track is called “Can’t Talk, Won’t”, with bassist Jess Eastwood explaining:

“‘Can’t Talk, Won’t’ is when you have a lifelong habit of repressing and never really dealing with the things that have hurt you. Eventually you get to the point where tiny, everyday, meaningless things start to trigger all of that unresolved shit from your past.”

Coach Party are at their propulsive and incisive best on “Can’t Talk, Won’t”, setting their sights on the horizon and driving as one torrential force towards it. Lyrically, they touch on themes we all feel about not achieving our goals, feeling old, and giving up on life – especially in the current climate. They squarely hit a nerve with the simple but deadly effective hook “I can’t quite talk / but I still find the words to say ‘I’m ashamed!'” However, the force of their playing seems to power them through this dejection into a shout-along refrain “Don’t think that I wanna die!” With “Can’t Talk, Won’t”, Coach Party have concocted the the sonic tonic we all need for the calamitous times we’re living in.

They go all-out in the video, directed by Dan Broadley, with the band saying: “The video is imagery heaven. The Neon lights, the glitter, the outfits, the AMAZING car we were lucky enough to sit in… The whole video feels like it exudes sleazy late night club vibes, the type of night out you’d have with your best mate and still reminisce about 10 years later.”

Coach Party’s “Can’t Talk, Won’t” is out via Chess Club Records, and with more goodness sure to follow soon you’ll want to follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.