Coach Party share quarantine cover of Clairo’s “Bags”

Isle of Wight band Coach Party released their debut EP Party Food earlier this year, and understandably have been frustrated by the quarantine making it impossible for them to tour. They wanted to remain creative, even apart, so worked up a Clairo cover, they explain:

“When Clairo released Immunity we fell in love with every track, especially ‘Bags’. During quarantine we wanted to remain creative and make music together, so we decided to do a cover of that song. We made the whole thing remotely, sending our parts to drummer Guy who amazingly managed to piece it all together to form the song! Originally we tried to give it a bit of a change up, but Clairo did such a brilliant job on the original that we decided that nothing needed to change. We hope we’ve done it justice. P.S. love you Clairo!”

As outlined in the above quote, Coach Party haven’t made any real changes to the original, as “Bags” is already a Certified Sad Banger. Nonetheless, it’s nice to hear it in a British tongue and with a little more lo-fi twang – and the fact that it was all recorded remotely adds to the feat. “Bags” was already one of the jams of summer 2019, but Coach Party’s version is a fresh way to keep it spinning through this one too.

The band also made a lockdown video for their cover of “Bags”, which you can watch below.

Coach Party’s version of “Bags” is available on streaming platforms, as is their excellent EP Party Food, which was released by Chess Club Records. Follow the band on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.