Photo: Martyna Wisniewska

L’Objectif drown out their neuroses on the dance-punk “Same Thing”

Leeds band L’Objectif are back with “Same Thing”, their first single since last year’s highly promising debut EP. Where previous songs were packed with impressionistic imagery hinting at greater themes, singer Saul Kane assures us that this one “is quite simplistic – I wanted to write something people can sing and dance to.” Expanding further, he says:

“For me, it’s about the introspective aspect of relationships with people and the connotations and worries we attach to different situations that are completely unhealthy and made up in our heads. It’s not a song telling someone nicely to stop overthinking; it’s telling your thoughts to shut up. At first I thought the lyrics were about someone else but it’s most likely a message to myself.”

“Same Thing” is L’Objectif’s most infectious song so far, and that’s evident right from the get-go with a rhythm that aims straight for the hips. Ezra Glennon’s bass skips atop the four-on-the-floor drumming in a show-stealing display, while the synth and guitar interplay puts us in mind of classic disco – but through a neurotic post-punk lens. Kane’s vocal is more characterful than ever, putting his shortcomings front and centre, but dancing around them with attitude and panache. It all makes for a romping return for the young band, who show that they’ve got plenty more ideas in the tank – and the talent to pull them off.

Watch the video for “Same Thing” below or find it on streaming platforms.

“Same Thing” is out on Chess Club. You can find L’Objectif on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.