Photo: Holly Whitaker

L’Objectif tap into their darker natures on the imperious “Do It Again”

Leeds band L’Objectif hav e today revelaed their debut EP will be out on July 20 through Chess Club and have followed up recent singles “Drive In Mind” and “Burn Me Out” have shared new track “Do It Again”.

On the song, Saul Kane says: “‘Do it Again’ is a song from the perspective of, essentially, a bad guy. A master of deception and lies. The song is an insight into this character and his attitudes towards life and other people.”

L’Objectif manage to not only encapsulate that malignant mindset in Kane’s voice and lyrics, but through their dark and muscular playing. Just listen to that detonation early in the song: the guitars are powerful, the drumming tough and dextrous as it pummels along underneath, and the bass is not there merely to coast along but adds another slipstream of bruised melody to the quicksilver track. This all adds depth to Kane’s character, who remains insouciant even as he knows he’s behaving badly, strutting through life with an arrogance that is despicable but also magnetic – and made even moreso by L’Objectif’s pulse-quickening playing.

Listen to “Do It Again” below or on your preferred platform.

L’Objectif’s Have It Your Way arrives on July 20 through Chess Club. You can find L’Objectif on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.