L’objectif are an emerging band from Leeds, some of whom have been playing music together since they were 12 – which actually wasn’t that long ago since none of them are older than 17 at the moment. Nonetheless, they evidently have a deep understanding and desire to push each other into greater realms of expression, which has proven fruitful on their debut single “Drive In Mind”. Singer Saul Kane explains the song’s concept, saying:

“I started thinking about drive-in cinemas and those massive screens that they have with everyone parked watching the events of the film unfold. The idea of people coming to watch the contents of someone’s mind was interesting to me, the thoughts, anxieties and all the things you don’t want people to see exposed on a big screen. The lyrics are statements, ideas and observations that I was thinking around the time I wrote it, a cluster of thoughts exposed and amplified through song.”

“Drive In Cinema” is not only compelling in concept, but thrilling in execution. The quartet aren’t sated by making a straight-ahead rocker, but display tight interplay, thundering back and forth in waves and then going off-road with some tension-building refrains – held together by impressively dextrous drumming from Louis Bullock. This sets a perfect platform for Kane’s growling voice, sounding many years older than he is – both in tone and in lyricism. Fully embodying the fire that is suggested by L’objectif’s pyromaniac playing, he exudes both fear and fury as he flings wide the gates to his mind and invites us in – but makes it certain we know it’s at our own risk, as the ideas and imagery found there are not at all comforting.

Listen to “Drive In Mind” on streaming platforms or watch the video below.

“Drive In Mind” is out today via Chess Club Records. You can find L’objectif on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.