BPM MP3 PREMIERE: Unicycle Loves You – “Bitch Eye”

Jangling pop music certainly isn’t a novel concept, but when done right there’s still nothing that matches the sense of excitement and sheer joy that a quick guitar-driven pop song can bring. Enter Unicycle Loves You, the Jim Carroll lead band, on their third studio album, have finally managed to pull together that pop sensibility quite well. “Bitch Eye,” taken from Failure, which came out in February on Mecca Lecca, is the quintessential example of what no-nonsense pop can mean. A track where the guitar never ceases, the vocals are distant but warm, and the shake of various percussion instruments get your head bopping in time. Grab “Bitch Eye” below and head over to Mecca Lecca to check out more from the band.

Unicycle Loves You – “Bitch Eye”