BPM Premiere: Teen Daze – “The Future” (Jesse Ruins remix)

Vancouver-based producer Teen Daze made a lot of fans with his 2010 EP Four More Years, but fans have been made to wait for a full-length follow up. That release, All of Us, Together, will finally be coming out May 22nd through Lefse Records, but in the meantime some goodies are being sprinkled on the path to the release for any fans willing to follow.

The song “The Future” is out and about now on the internet (you can hear it just below if you haven’t), and anyone that has listened to it can tell you that it’s a placid slice of blissful bedroom electronica. Today, we have the pleasure of premiering the Jesse Ruins remix of the song, which, like all the best remixes, completely flips the switch, turns the song inside out, and gives you a whole different perspective on it – and believe me, things aren’t quite so serene from this side. Check it out below.

All Of Us, Together album cover: