Bonjour Motherfuckers #7 – BPM edition

I don’t exactly remember how things played out in previous years, but the fact that we’re in early November and most sites are already starting to put their End Of Year lists together is appropriately symptomatic of a collective desire of seeing 2020 behind us. It actually feels weird to think about the year’s musical footprint when live music was virtually absent from our lives—apart from a couple of isolated events or those two first months of 2020 that seem so incredibly distant they actually feel like 2019. Or 2009.

We’re still alive, and kicking. Against all odds, we’re managing to stay relatively afloat while anxiously waiting (or praying, or lighting candles, or whatever practice has been keeping you from going over the edge) for better times in an industry that has been declared dead for years—even though rumours have always been (fortunately) heavily exaggerated, at least so far. But even Russia’s greatest love machine Rasputin eventually capitulated after suffering repeated murder attempts, so it’s best we stay vigilant in case the powers that be decide to insist on its destruction. For starters, make sure you support your favourite artists whenever possible; it’s Bandcamp Friday again if you needed a perfect excuse.

Third volume of Jeunes Gens Modernes to be released in November

While the rest of the world was enjoying its coldwave/post-punk golden era, France was a melting pot of exciting and unique new sounds made by a generation commonly known as “Jeunes Gens Modernes.” Following a documentary and two compilations released by Born Bad Records, a third instance of the very best of the late 70s/early 80s French scene is due out later in the month via Kwaidan. Featuring the likes of Alena, Warum Joe, Nini Raviolette, and Martin Dupont, the 2LP release is now up for pre-order here.

Lisa Li-Lund returns with first song in a decade

It’s been 10 years since French-Swedish singer-songwriter Lisa Li-Lund released 1992 with her Big Crunch Theory, but vital signs are finally arriving under the form of a brand new song that serves as taster for a forthcoming LP due out via Pan European Recording next year. “This Side Of The Moon (Song For Jacob)”, a gentle psychedelic ballad à la Mazzy Star, is not included in the new album (which features the likes of Etienne Jaumet, Romain Turzi, and Ben McConnell), but sets the mood for Li-Lund’s much-awaited return. Glass of Blood is expected in early 2021.

Sinaïve release new EP Dasein

The new EP Dasein from Strasbourg-based Sinaïve marks the debut of a new independent PR boutique, Fun Club, founded by Rémi from Atelier Ciseaux/Géographie and Tom from Howlin Banana Records. And what a promising debut it is: the five-track Desein is a fuzz-filled post-punk delight that will certainly please fans of Spacemen 3 and The Jesus & Mary Chain—with a French twist. You can stream the whole thing via Buddy Records’ Bandcamp above, and check the video for “Éternel Retour” here.

Amazone unveil Épisodes EP

Hailing from Nantes is psych-synthpop quartet Amazone, whose five-track new EP Épisodes will easily become your ideal Scorpio season soundtrack. Described by label B&FF as “destructured pop,” Amazone reinvent the chanson from the inside to update the French vibe for a new century, joyfully colouring their songs with acidic synths and laidback vocals. Épisode is out now; head over to B&FF’s Bandcamp for more info on the release.

Bon Voyage Organisation share new single “Bolerotobahn”

Having released the successor to 2018’s Jungle? Quelle Jungle? earlier this year, Bon Voyage Organisation return with a new single, this time an homage to Kraftwerk’s Autobahn. Quoting the German electronic collective, but also Ravel and Philip Catherine, “Bolerotobahn” emerges as a hymn to “Europe Endless, real life and postcard views,” as described by the band themselves. You can stream it above, and listen to new album La Course in full via most streaming platforms.

Hey, at least you’re getting out of this black hole of a year with a full playlist of new French music as a souvenir! Be sure to like/subscribe/show some love below, and don’t forget to head over to your favourite artists’ Bandcamp pages for proper support.