Ah yes, here we are in gold-tainted September, ready to dive back into our grim routines with the added joy of a doomsday reality that bright sunshiny days in the park has helped us temporarily ignore. So even if you somehow managed to embrace oblivion in these past few months, the grand return of rainy days and Mondays will make sure you hang around with nothing to do but frown — especially since the return of live shows and clubbing life remains uncertain, and sometimes we even wonder if we’ll ever be allowed to experience the good life again.

Listen to me: stand up straight. Unclench your jaw. Keep your head up, and don’t let present events discourage you. 2020 might feel like a no-year, but it’s actually what we make of it (and the lessons we learn) that counts. Hang on to what you got and love, and you’ll one day be able to look back and pride yourself of not having lost your shit when the entire world seemed to go up in flames. Here are some carefully curated French import suggestions to ease up your rentrée; don’t forget to keep supporting your favourite artists so they also come out of this alive.

S!CK release Lenitive Seizure cassette

Hailing from Nantes is noise/post-punk trio S!CK with a recently-released cassette, a DIY labour of love out now via Urticaria Records. Lenitive Seizure is a seven-track throwback delight evoking both raw 80s underground nostalgia and a certain psych rework the style has been getting these past few years. Led by singles “Honestly” and “My Friends”, the release is available for “name your price” download via Bandcamp, where you can also order the precious physical tape filled with drawings, photos, and manuscripts.

Romain Benard releases debut solo LP under Primevere moniker

Although he’s known as one-half of duo Ropoporose (whose most recent LP Dark Star came out last Spring), Romain Benard is putting out a solo album which is set for release on September 11th via Figures Libres. Using the pseudonym Primevere, Benard’s forthcoming LP is a collection of nine tracks he recorded two summers ago between Vendôme and Tours; if first single “Yeah” is stylistically representative of the rest of the album, expect laid-back indie freshness with a twist of Californian melancholia. You can pre-order Primevere in digital and vinyl via Bandcamp.

Tapeworms announce Funtastic LP

Two years after their second EP Everything Will Be Fine (clearly a false promise), Lille-based trio Tapeworms are back with a proper full-length that is set to drop in the end of the month. An anticipated release by fans of showgaze indie pop, Funstastic is previewed by single “Safety Crash” and a colour-block video directed by Cranes Studio to go with the tune. Compared to My Bloody Valentine and Swirlies in early reviews, the album will be available in both digital and vinyl via Howlin Banana Records.

Macadam Mambo unveils third volume of Danzas Electricas

If you’re constantly curious about the new paths of French electronica, this compilation is custom-made for you. Lyon-based electronica label Macadam Mambo is releasing the third instance of Danzas Electricas, following a huge success of the first two editions whose vinyl editions are now sold out. Featuring the likes of Eva Geist, Prince Stoner, and the label’s own patron Sacha Mambo, Danzas Electricas Vol III promises “a floating journey oscillating in between electronica, ambient, digidub, modular music, industrial and more psychedelic influenzas.” It’s out on September 20th.

BUL share new single and video “All Night”

A nostalgic reminder of late Summer dance floor euphoria, “All Night” is the newest single from Saint-Étienne trio BUL (formerly Raqoons) and follows their debut “Lover”, which came out a couple of months ago during lockdown in France. Mixing deep house with a funkier chorus, the new track is heavily reminiscent of early 00s French electronica and comes superbly illustrated by an underwater video that you can watch above. Keep an eye on their socials for future releases.

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