Somewhere between the electronic euphoria of the club and the fluorescent movements of pop music lies the tangled work of San Diego duo Body Salt. Built around the combined talents of Ezekiel Morphis and Jonathon Bruhin, the music acts as a bridge between these two genres (and maybe a few others), giving the band unusual leeway to reveal the connections that exist within these different aesthetics. And rather than feeling piecemeal or disjointed, their music is informed of great rhythmic histories and reconciles their wildly unpredictable natures without sacrificing the distinctiveness of either.

Existing on the fringes of pop music’s expansive spectrum, Body Salt’s songs are vividly realized and kinetic in their construction. Introspective one moment and hyperactive the next, the music exists in a perpetual state of motion, cocooned by radiant synths, pulsing beats, and vocals that feel simultaneously weightless and grounded. They’re able to fashion sounds which feel so immediate and evocative, and resonate on an emotional frequency we seldom acknowledge.

Their latest single, “Please Avoid Your Grave”, possesses an extraordinary internal light, delving into intense personal conviction and insight. Buffeted by rolling synths and porous beats, the track doesn’t feel burdened by the band’s collective influences; instead, it feels freed of their gravity by the sheer tenacity and conviction of Morphis and Bruhin’s creativity. Echoing the electro-pop fervor of artists like Twin Shadow and Chromatics, it lopes and bounds around your senses, drawing you ever closer into its remarkable musical synthesis.   

The band spoke with Beats Per Minute about the origins of their new single:

“‘Please Avoid Your Grave’ was inspired by love for another. The song speaks to the desire for the one you love not to perish in any aspect; mentally, emotionally, spiritually, or physically. It acknowledges the beauty and profound importance of simple moments with another, the desire for more, and the gratefulness for the past. It also illuminates the fragility of life and its absurdity. ‘Please Avoid Your Grave’ is an anthemic love ballad meant to evoke feeling with its thoughtful lyrics, huge drum beats, and memorable synth melodies. The song is a reminder for people to always look for the beauty in every moment and cherish them and the ones we experience them with. 

With the current situation happening in our world, we encourage people to bask in the love of those around them even in times of distance and isolation. Ideally this would be a time we strip away any barriers between others and dismantle any ego we’ve inflated. 

We can survive on our own, but we strive to stay alive for moments with others.” 

Check out the band’s latest single “Please Avoid Your Grave” below. You can find out more about Body Salt on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.