Another week has passed it’s now another Bill Callahan day – that is to say, a Monday, when he releases a new song from his upcoming album Gold Record. Today we have the fifth song on the record, “The Mackenzies”.

The side one closer from Gold Record is a straightforward golden acoustic song with Callahan telling a quotidian story. In “The Mackenzies” the narrator is “the kind of guy who when he sees a neighbor outside, stays inside and hides.” At the start of the song he can’t get his motor to start and while trying to turn it over a neighbor comes running out and yells at him to stop. This neighbor, Jack, says he’ll call a friend who can fix it up, no trouble, meanwhile it’s “almost beer thirty”, and Callahan and Jack head inside where they start to bond. From there, the song is pure narrative detail of what he sees inside, feeling unnaturally close to his newfound friend, while light synths caress him to sleep for a nap… a long nap.

Bill Callahan will be releasing a new song from his upcoming album Gold Record every Monday until its release on September 4. You can follow him on Twitter and Bandcamp.