Bill Callahan is releasing a new song every Monday until the release of his new album Gold Record on September 4. Following last week’s revalation of the album’s opening track “Pigeons”, he’s today shared the second track, which is simply titled “Another Song”.

As Callahan has been wont to do in his songs of late, he sets out an ambling and unhurried story about a man going about his day. On “Another Song” we check in with his narrator in the middle of a work day, which he decides to skip out on to go home for some lunch and some afternoon delight. He enjoys the simple pleasures; the way the light moves, the way his and his partner’s chests rise and fall, the music in the air – the sheer peace of it all is warm and sparkling in Callahan’s simply magical songwriting.

Listen to “Another Song” on your preferred platform or via the embed below.

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