Bananagun are a collective hailing from Melbourne, Australia, who will be releasing their debut album The True Story of Bananagun later this month. This week they’ve shared a new track from it called “The Master”, about which bandleader Nick van Bakel states:

The Master is kind of about evacuating yourself from the absurd but typical life of working your arse into the ground for someone else and how no matter where you’re working or how high up the ladder you are in that world, there’s always a person up higher bossing you around or someone you’re trying to please. I just hate when people flex too much and don’t respect people; that’s what the majority of people deal with their whole life. It’s miserable and there’s no room for stuff to blossom.

The frustration amplified from the above quote is not immediately obvious in “The Master”, as Bananagun quickly rev up into a full-on jam with wa-wa-ing guitars and tropical drums, aiming squarely for your hips. As the gang vocals start to make their way into the mix, the message of discontent is put across, but Bananagun deal with it cathartically by making “The Master” shaggier and freer as they dive together down a psychedelic wormhole. Before long, the weight of the world is lost, allowing Bananagun to enter pure freak-out mode – and it’s joyous.

Banangun’s debut album The True Story of Bananagun is out June 26 via Full Time Hobby. Follow them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.