The Furniture are a duo of, well, duality. They operate through improvisation, but rather than simply free form jams, they seek something far more focused and concrete. It’s music borne of a hard won, deeply felt understanding of each other. It’s together that their sound becomes something truly special, after all, with Matthew Pierce’s synth-work and textures – which would likely venture into pure ambient on their own – perfectly complemented by Matthew Kuhl’s assured, propulsive drumming. It’s the perfect combination.

The duo have selected Spanish Prayers – that’d be Cigarettes After Sex’s label – as the home for their first proper album together, and at first, it may seem an odd home for such a searching, even inscrutable instrumental act, but it’s proven a hospitable bastion for their yearning, eerie sound.

Collected entirely from a single live performance in Baltimore, The Furniture finds the duo completely comfortable with one another, and in total, even paradoxical, control of wherever their sounds may drift. They say:

“Making a record free form can be a little risky. It’s not guaranteed that the creative forces that are summoned will show up. But when they do it can be one of the most fulfilling aspects of recording, in the way that each time you go back and listen it can take you to a place or an emotion yet to be discovered.”

For a taste of what’s to come, check out their latest single, the sprawling, infinitely textured journey that is the often ominous “The Sloth” below in the video, or on streaming platforms.

Check out The Furniture via Spanish Prayers’ BandCamp and Instagram.