Photo: Geoff Lawrence

Anorak Patch take us into murky memory on the overcast beauty “Cousin Sam”, announce debut EP

Essex-based quartet Anorak Patch have been picking up followers over the last couple of years with a series of promising singles, and will culminate that early attention with the release of a debut EP called By Cousin Sam on April 29 through Nice Swan Recordings.

The band say: “The EP is a new direction for us musically. it has more extremes, some parts of songs can be very intense and others can be slow and calming, hopefully listeners like it. The running order of the ep is important – we think it adds to the overall experience. it starts and ends with two powerful and emotional songs and in the middle is something lighter and more accessible… it’s full of twists.”

Several previous favourites including “Irate”, “Blue Jeans” and “Delilah” will be on the EP, as well as today’s monumental new offering “Cousin Sam”.

The new track is a slowly unfurling psychedelic barn burner, with the band honing in on the facts of memory and mortality far too precisely for people their age. They show perfect levels of restraint as they sweep us through the tense verses, light synths painting luminous lights amidst demure grey surroundings – it’s an impressively immersive arrangement, pulling us into this funereal scene in a mourning village. The chorus blows up into a billowing fog of haunting melody, Anorak Patch taking us vividly into the slow drive past “the old church where we buried Cousin Sam”. Amidst the impactful playing, ghosts seem to arise and hover – summoned from their burial place by Anorak Patch’s mystical musicianship.

Listen to “Cousin Sam” below or on your preferred streaming platform.

Anorak Patch’s By Cousin Sam EP comes out on April 29 through Nice Swan (pre-order/save). You can find the band on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.