Photo: Rhiannon Kane

English Teacher cut through a hangover on the sweeping “A55”

British newcomers English Teacher made waves last year with some barn-burning singles, and today they reveal that they’re gearing up to release a debut EP called Polyawkward through Nice Swan. It’ll feature recent single “Good Grief” as well as today’s new offering “A55”. Singer Lily Fontaine says:

“Writing the lyrics for ‘A55’ was a cathartic exercise after waking up with ‘The Fear’ the morning after the night before – reflecting on the rise and fall of the ego as it became affected by what I put in my body, I hoped that putting it down in verse would make the embarrassment all worth it.”

To start, English Teacher take us into the lonely pontification of a person who’s feeling a little wobbly, jangly guitar underscoring Fontaine’s thoughts – but even in this state she knows “I want more,” with the quiet determination of someone steadily finding their feet again after a soul-searching period spent in a toilet stall. The song picks up in stages, fleshing out the melodies and production with harmonies and drums, before all of a sudden sparking the engine with the sudden appearance of violins. It’s not long before English Teacher have launched “A55” into fifth gear, and all of a sudden its winding away like a Ferrari gliding through mountainous terrain, epic violins anthemic above the indie grind beneath – the previous woes left distantly in the rearview.

Listen to “A55” below or on streaming platforms.

English Teacher’s Polyawkward EP is out this Spring through Nice Swan (pre-order). Follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.