Prima Queen explore idealisation and escapism on the snappy “Chew My Cheeks”

Prima Queen are, in their original form, the duo of best friends Louise Macphail and Kristin McFadden (though they bulk up to a 7-piece band when performing live). The pair have just signed to Nice Swan Recordings, and with this announcement they have released a snappy new track, “Chew My Cheeks.” Of the song the duo said:

‘Chew My Cheeks’ is a song that centres on an unhealthy obsession with someone who is slightly out of reach. We wrote it in lockdown last year when we were remembering what it was like to idealise people you don’t know and to use them as a form of escapism. We ended up watching The Matrix in isolation together around the same time and were really inspired by the world in which the movie creates.

Surfing gently along on a nimble guitar riff, Prima Queen do as they sing: “make it easy.” There’s an effortless swagger to “Chew My Cheeks” that’s impossible not to get swept up in, like you might imagine some mass dance or march might rope you in without even thinking about it. Macphail is a sly but affirmative presence, and when McFadden harmonizes behind her, the effect of the track only bubbles further to the surface. Meticulously produced (by Juliette Jackson and Fern Ford), every element – be it the the guitar flourishes peppered throughout, the clean and crisp drums, or the saxophone swirling into the mix at the end – is perfectly levelled to make for a neat and undeniably enjoyable track.

Check out the video for “Chew My Cheeks” below or listen via your favourite streaming service.

“Chew My Cheeks” is out now on Nice Swan Recordings. Stay up to date with Prima Queen on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.