Photo: Geoff Lawrence

Anorak Patch detail life in a bad place on feisty “Delilah”

The majority of the members of Colchester band Anorak Patch might be old enough to still be in school, but you would be hard pressed to tell when listening to their new track “Delilah.” The four piece are still fairly new on the scene (they formed in 2019), but they sound assured, determined, and focussed. Of “Delilah” the band said:

Delilah is a story. It’s about a girl who’s struggling her way through life…the song is sort of a snapshot of how difficult life can be when you are in a bad headspace without good people around you. It’s a lonely place to be. The ‘town’ is just a reference to wanting something more than the place you grew up in…I guess in that sense it’s a little autobiographical. We are from a little place in Essex, it’s not a bad place, but we collectively dream that by playing our music we will have a chance to move out of its orbit.

What makes “Delilah” so striking and impressionable is how much the band cram into three minutes: jagged guitar riffs that match the itching feeling of wanting escape a small town; nimble and restless drums filling every gap they can; and Effie Lawrence’s vocals gliding that point between dreamy and hopeful, and worn down and fretful. This is band that sounds confident of its moves, ready to add fuzzy textures during the solo against a contrastingly dreamy indie-rock chorus. “Delilah” is out now to listen to online, but is also set to be released on 7″ via Nice Swan Records alongside the spiky and angular B-side “Blue Jeans.”

Listen to “Delilah” below or via your favourite streaming service.

“Delilah” is out now digitally via Nice Swan Records. Pre-order the 7″ here. Keep up to date with Anorak Patch on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.