Mountain Sounds

Consisting of Tim Hoyt and Franc Castillejos, Mountain Sounds is the nom de plume under which these two musicians make wonderfully pastoral music. The notes ebb and flow beneath casually rustic musical landscapes and always seem just on the verge of be carried away on a strong breeze. The lack of affectation on display across the tracks of their debut full-length, which comes out next week, seems almost like a direct counter measure to the heavily filtered pop/rock that seems to be popping up at every turn. Regardless of your preference for their unassuming folk rock influences or their unforced approach to production, there’s no doubt as to the effortless creativity on display across the album. And Hoyt and Castillejos aren’t merely shoehorning their own musical proclivities onto some rote record template; the give and take between musician and music here plays a pivotal role in these songs sounding and feeling as natural as the untreated atmospherics for which the band is named.

In advance of the album’s release next Tuesday, the band is streaming the album in full over on their Soundcloud page. You can pick up a copy of the album for yourself next week, but until then, check out the album stream below. Beats Per Minute is pleased to premiere the album stream of Mountain Sounds’ upcoming debut record.