Aime Simone triumphs on “Baby Don’t Quit”, from his new album

French artist Aime Simone has released the catchiest single I’ve heard in a while with
“Baby Don’t Quit”, the centerpiece of his new album Oh Glory, which is out today.

On the single, Simone sounds like Charlie Puth with more vocal power. His music is
enriched by having lived and worked all over the world: Berlin, Paris, Vienna and Los

Aime even co-designed the Oh Glory album cover (seen below) with his life partner Sonja Fix, an American artist. And the video for “Baby Don’t Quit” is arguably the best one ever
filmed in a cave.

Watch the video for “Baby Don’t Quit” below or find the whole Oh Glory album on streamers.

Aime Simone’s album Oh Glory is available now from Because Music.

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Oh Glory album cover