Photo: Cat Scrivener

Zoee tries to cut through her lover’s coldness on the sci-fi tinged “Host”

London-based art-pop purveyor Zoee recently shared “Microwave” with the announcement of her debut album Flaw Flower, and today she follows it up with a second single called “Host”. She says: “‘Host’ describes the disconcertingly replicant-like nature of a once starry-eyed lover who becomes increasingly detached.”

While “Microwave” left plenty open to interpretation, “Host” is a direct address from Zoee to her frigid partner. Clearly unhappy, she uses her characterful speaking voice to cut straight to the chase with questions like “who is this substitute I’m talking to? Where is the person I thought I knew?” Evidently not making much headway, Zoee leaps into her songbird voice and announces: “feels like all the bullshit that defines you / is the bullshit that reminds me I’m living with a host / your mission is exposed.” With those lines, Zoee’s sci-fi analogy is revealed; she realises that her partner is no longer a human but merely a cold robotic vessel where emotions once appeared. She marries this human problem with her sci-fi visions in the music too, as her colourful piano and vocals are coupled with a buzzing synth, bringing a strange alien glow to the scene.

Listen to “Host” on streaming platforms or watch the Twilight Scene-influenced video below.

Zoee’s debut album Flaw Flower arrives on June 25 via Illegal Data (pre-order on Bandcamp). You can find Zoee on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.