Photo: Cat Scrivener

Zoee announces debut album with the multi-dimensional art-pop chrysalis “Microwave”

Zoee is the musical project of London-based Harriet Zoe Pittard, who has been putting out singles for a couple of years and has collaborated with Ryan Hemsworth, Joe Goddard and the PC Music collective. She brings this experience to her debut album, Flaw Flower, which arrives on June 25 via Illegal Data.

The first song shared from the album is “Microwave”, with Zoee letting us know that “it’s a many-sided song about familial dynamics, oppressive domestic settings and the joy found in self validation.”

A truly beguiling listen, “Microwave” finds Zoee in the midst of pinwheeling chimes, churning organs and synth brass. Her sing-spoken vocals immediately draw us in with the compelling couplet “I search the post to find the place where I was once enshrined / I pace the garden, inhale breaths from in amongst the vines.” It gives as a view of a domesticated woman, with no shortage of angst, especially as she goes on to describe how she spends the night tossing and turning, the next day crying for help – and yet, “Microwave” is a dreamy listen, her voice as mellifluous as a bored princess. With a wonky piano solo and more vocal melodies weaving their way into the song, “Microwave” continues to wrong foot us, and Zoee lures us deeper into the aural surrealism of her imagination, until we too are powerlessly enclosed within these crystalline walls.

Watch the equally unnerving video for “Microwave” (by Daniele d’Ingeo) below or listen to it on streaming platforms.

Zoee’s debut album Flaw Flower arrives on June 25 via Illegal Data (pre-order on Bandcamp). You can find Zoee on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.