Yore, the new project of London multi-talent Callum Brown, is releasing a self-titled debut album in just a couple of weeks, and following a clutch of intriguing singles we now have a final teaser with “Sally Out”. Brown says of the new song:

I wanted to make a track that was free to flow & meander without having to follow a traditional song structure. I added multiple layers of instrumentation that culminated into a dense & expansive palette – touching on the ‘wall of sound’ aesthetic. Liam (Mellah) recorded his part first; processing his vocals with delays & intricate chops. Then Nuha (my housemate) wrote a perfect counterpart for the outro – the final piece of the puzzle!

Indeed, the desire to make a track that flows and meanders is fully realised in the final product of “Sally Out”, as it’s a track that starts in one serene, fuzzy space and winds up somewhere completely different – and you’re not quite sure how you got there because it’s such a smooth ride. Along the way we have propulsive indie, plenty of psychedelic vocal and production, percolating synths, free-floating ambience, and some mellifluous tones from Nuha. Just when you think it’s time to relax, Yore throws in a surprising but well-earned guitar explosion to cap it off with a bang. Given what we’ve heard so far, we’ve no idea what to expect from Yore as a full album, but we’re excited to find out.

Yore’s debut self-titled album is out December 4 via FLAT FIVE. You can find the project on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.